Template:Italic title Template:Unreferenced Bobo's in the bush is the Dutch version of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!.


    - Winner

Season 1Edit

Was shot in Borneo, Indonesia and ran from 20 March to 27 June 2003 on RTL. There were ten contestants:

Celebrity Famous for
Danny Rook TV presenter
Horace Cohen Actor
Peggy Jane de Schepper Actress
Mari Carmen Oudendijk TV presenter
Sabine Koning Actress
Sander Janson TV presenter
Christine van der Horst Television show host
Jimmy Geduld Actor
Inge Ipenburg Actress
Henk Bres Columnist / Radio show host

Season 2Edit

8 March 2004 to 3 July 2004 on RTL. There were ten contestants:

Celebrity Famous for
Anouk van Nes Actress
Robert Schoemacher Physician
Mental Theo DJ
Micky Hoogendijk Actress
Chris Tates Singer
Sander Foppele Actor
Cindy Pielstroom TV host
Henk Schiffmacher Tattooer
Xandra Brood Stylist
Bonnie St. Claire Singer

Season 3Edit

Was shot in Brazil and Argentina and ran from 7 March to 16 May 2005 on RTL. There were ten contestants:

Celebrity Famous for
Ferri Somogyi Actor
Jessica Gal Judoka
Ruud Benard Reality TV-star
Jody Bernal Singer
Lizelotte van Dijk Actress
Fajah Lourens Actress
Valerie Zwikker TV-host
Jacques Herb Singer
Menno Köhler Dancer
Viola Holt TV-host



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