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I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (often shortened to I'm a Celebrity or I'm a Celeb) is a British reality television show, first screened in 2002, in which celebrities live in jungle conditions with few creature comforts. The show has been hosted by Ant & Dec since its inception. It is filmed in Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia and broadcast on ITV in the United Kingdom.

Irish broadcaster TV3 began simulcasts at the beginning of series 3 (2004) in the Republic of Ireland, the series moved to their sister channel 3e for series 12 and 13.

The show is one of the largest in the world, with more than 700 staff working on the show 24 hours a day for three weeks.Template:Citation needed It is sponsored in the UK by supermarket chain Iceland and in Ireland by M and M Direct since 2013, previously


In return for their appearance on I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, the celebrities are asked to nominate a charity to which the producers, LWT (weekend shows) and Granada Television (weekday shows), make donations. The celebrities themselves are also paid a fee to compensate them for possible loss of earnings while they are in the jungle. The producers of the show keep the precise details of the celebrities' contracts private, prompting much speculation from the media. The money is raised by allowing viewers to vote by phone, text message or the "red button" (a colloquialism popular in the UK for TV interactive services) for the celebrity they would like to complete a "Bush Tucker Trial" — a physical task usually involving snakes, spiders or other creepy-crawlies found in the jungle — and, later in each series, to vote for the celebrity they would like to see win the show. The last remaining celebrity after all others have been evicted is declared the winner of the show, and is branded "King/Queen of the Jungle".

Bush Tucker trialEdit

Main article: Bush Tucker trial

Bush Tucker trials are used in the show to allow the contestants to gain food and treats for camp. Bush Tucker Trials take two formats: eating trials and physical/mental tasks.

In the eating trials, contestants are required to eat a variety of different "jungle" foods. Each dish successfully eaten will gain the contestants one star, which equals one meal for camp (although the number of meals per star can vary). These trials generate the most viewer responses according to the ITV website. The foods that are required to be eaten can include: crickets (in a variety of forms, such as cooked into biscuits, blended into drinks or eaten alive or dead), green ants, mealworms, witchetty grub, roasted spider or tarantulas, kangaroo testicles, kangaroo penis, kangaroo vaginal parts, crocodile penis, cockroach (prepared in various ways such as being cooked into biscuits, blended into drinks, eaten alive or dead). Other past foods include beach worms, bull's tongues, the anus of various animals, vomit fruits, cooked pigs' brains, various animal testicles, raw fish eyes, sheep eyes, blended rats or mice tails.

The second type of challenge is more of a physical or mental task that requires the contestants to perform activities to gain stars. These can include searching through dung, going through tunnels, negotiating obstacles on high wires, or performing other tasks.

Dingo Dollar Challenge (formerly Celebrity Chest)Edit

Main article: Dingo Dollar Challenge

Another way camp can earn treats is to do what is known as the "Dingo Dollar Challenge". This involves two or more celebrities going into the jungle to perform a task that releases an item to open a container with an amount of dingo dollars. Once that has been completed and the dollars have been retrieved, it is taken to a small woodshack shop. They can exchange the dollars for a necessity such as a hammock or a treat such as chocolate chip cookies. The shop owner calls camp and the celebrities then have a question usually relating to a celebrity or a piece of trivia. The "Celebrity Chest" was abandoned for the first time in the 2012 series, in favour of the Dingo Dollar Challenge, which involves the celebrities collecting 'dingo dollars' and subsequently answering a question correctly in order to win a treat for the camp, if they win they will receive their prize however if the celebrities get it wrong, the shop owner takes the dingo dollars and shuts up shop, leaving nothing for the camp.

Formerly, 'The Celebrity Chest' had a question with a choice of answers, similar to the Dingo Dollar Challenge, the two celebrities who took part in the challenge would bring the chest back to camp and collaborate over the question with the other camp members. If correct, they would win a treat, if incorrect, they would be told what the treat was.

In Dingo Dollars if the camp members answer correctly they get a choice of two treats.

Filming locationEdit


The first series of the show was filmed on a smaller site in Cairns, Queensland,[1] the open air studio built on a fast moving creek. Since the second series, the programme has been filmed in Springbrook National Park, near Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia.

Inside the entrance to the filming location is an open area allocated to buildings which house on-site medical facilities, containers for the storage of props, and so on. It is in this area that the families and friends of the celebrities bide their time each morning during evictions – awaiting the fate of their loved ones. From this area, a restricted access road climbs to the site of the studios. The road then heads down into a valley via four-wheel drive access to the set of the show.

Some of these areas are viewable from Google Earth, though it is difficult to view the suspension bridges and open-air studio that Ant & Dec broadcast from. While the roof of the main building is bright red, when filming is out of season, this whole area is covered with hessian to obscure the aerial view.Template:Clarify The creeks and camp areas are situated directly below the main suspension bridges. As they are so close to the celebrities, the crew have to be careful during filming to keep voices and music down. Many of the Bush Tucker Trials are not performed here; in fact, some are performed well away from the area.

Once out of the jungle, the celebrities stay at the opulent six-star hotel Palazzo Versace Australia.Template:Clarify The health and wellbeing of the celebrities and crew are looked after by medic Bob McCarron and his team from EMS. McCarron is also responsible for all of the creatures and food in the challenges.

Popularity and criticismEdit

The finals of the second and third UK series were seen by 12.73 and 14.99 million people respectivelyTemplate:Citation needed — in both cases well over half of all people watching television in the country at the time.

The site in which the celebrities stay appears to be open to the elements, but is largely covered by sheets above the view of the cameras. In one episode, a celebrity had to swim in a swamp apparently infested with crocodiles. Marksmen were shown ready to shoot the animals if they attacked. In actuality, the area where this was filmed does not have crocodiles because it is too far south.

In Series 9 it was revealed that Katie Price was getting paid almost four times as much as the other contestants, which sparked some criticism. It was also reported that, as a result, cash-strapped ITV were unable to provide any more money for the series, and the quality of the trials went down.[2]


  • ITV apologised in 2006 after confusion over the instructions for telephone and red-button interactive voting led to allegations in the media that the wrong person had been evicted in the run-off vote in Series 6 between Toby Anstis and Dean Gaffney.[3]
  • The show was forced to enhance its procedures after Ofcom found that after complaints, on 23 November 2006 episode, the show had breached Rule 1.16 of the Broadcasting Code for airing bad language before the watershed.[4]
  • The 30 November 2006 episode was ruled to have breached Rule 2.2 of the Broadcasting Code after an investigation launched as part of the wider UK television public voting controversy. Due to late running, seven percent of phone and text votes for that episode of the show were not counted, although this did not affect the result.[5]
  • Sarah Matravers blamed the show for the breakdown of her relationship with contestant Marc Bannerman after he flirted with Cerys Matthews in Series 7.[6] Matthews and Bannerman later alleged the show footage had been edited by ITV to look like more than it was.[7]
  • Former Sex Pistols manager, Malcolm McLaren, who was due to appear on Series 7 but pulled out at the last minute, alleged that the show and the choice of winner was fixed, and the trials posed no real danger. He alleged that show doctor told him that "'Things are so safe, I would send my own kids in to do the show'. There is nothing bad in there. They're hoodwinking the public".[8]

Series detailsEdit

Series Presenters Start date End date Days in camp Camp mates Winner Highest viewers
Lowest viewers
Average viewers
One Ant & Dec 25 August 2002 8 September 2002 15 8      Tony Blackburn 10.95 6.14 7.58
Two 28 April 2003 12 May 2003 10      Phil Tufnell 12.75 5.15 8.55
Three 26 January 2004 9 February 2004 16      Kerry Katona 14.99 8.96 11.02
Four 21 November 2004 6 December 2004 18 11      Joe Pasquale 11.43 7.04 8.66
Five 20 November 2005 5 December 2005 12      Carol Thatcher 12.35 7.69 9.42
Six 13 November 2006 1 December 2006 19      Matt Willis 10.05 6.97 8.01
Seven 12 November 2007 30 November 2007 20 11      Christopher Biggins 8.84 5.00 7.34
Eight 16 November 2008 5 December 2008 21 12      Joe Swash 10.19 7.91 8.78
Nine 15 November 2009 4 December 2009 13      Gino D'Acampo 10.86 7.86 9.37
Ten 14 November 2010 4 December 2010      Stacey Solomon 13.48 6.68 9.70
Eleven 13 November 2011 3 December 2011      Dougie Poynter 11.80 6.80 9.74
Twelve 11 November 2012 1 December 2012 12      Charlie Brooks 11.51 7.81 9.81
Thirteen 17 November 2013 8 December 2013      Kian Egan 13.05 9.62 10.49
Fourteen 16 November 2014 7 December 2014 14      Carly Fogarty 11.97 9.21 10.26

Key:      King of the Jungle      Queen of the Jungle


  • Start and end dates are also the ITV transmission dates.
  • In 2007 there was supposed to be a total of 12 celebrities but was only 11 due to Malcolm McLaren pulling out just before the series started.
  • Winners were crowned King or Queen of their respective year.
  • To date there has been 8 Kings and only 4 Queens of the Jungle.

Main series resultsEdit

The first three series of I'm a Celebrity occurred at various different times during the years they were broadcast. From series 4 onwards, the show is broadcast from around mid November until late November/early December.

     Winner – King or Queen of the Jungle
     Third place
     Walked or withdrew
     Late arrival

Series 1 (2002)Edit

Main article: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (UK series 1)

8 contestants, 25 August – 8 September 2002:

Celebrity Famous for Entered Exited Finished
Tony BlackburnDJDay 1Day 151st
Tara Palmer-TomkinsonTelevision presenter, IT Girl and CelebutanteDay 1Day 152nd
Christine HamiltonAuthorDay 1Day 143rd
Nell McAndrewModelDay 1Day 134th
Rhona CameronComedienneDay 1Day 125th
Darren DaySinger, TV presenter and actorDay 1Day 116th
Nigel BennChampion boxerDay 1Day 107th
Uri GellerParanormalistDay 1Day 98th

Series 2 (2003)Edit

Main article: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (UK series 2)

10 contestants, 28 April – 12 May 2003:

Celebrity Famous for Entered Exited Finished
Phil TufnellEx-cricketerDay 1Day 151st
John FashanuEx-footballerDay 1Day 152nd
Linda BarkerChanging Rooms designerDay 1Day 153rd
Wayne SleepDancerDay 1Day 144th
Antony Worrall ThompsonTV chefDay 1Day 135th
Toyah Willcox1980s pop starDay 1Day 126th
Catalina GuiradoModelDay 1Day 117th
Chris BissonActorDay 1Day 108th
Danniella WestbrookActress (played Sam Mitchell in EastEnders)Day 1Day 99th
Siân LloydTV weather forecasterDay 1Day 810th

Series 3 (2004)Edit

Main article: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (UK series 3)

10 contestants, 26 January – 9 February 2004:

Celebrity Famous for Entered Exited Finished
Kerry KatonaSinger in Atomic KittenDay 1Day 161st
Jennie BondFormer royal correspondent for the BBCDay 1Day 162nd
Peter AndrePop singerDay 1Day 163rd
Lord BrocketAristocratDay 1Day 154th
Katie Price (first appearance)Page 3 ModelDay 1Day 145th
Alex BestSecond wife of footballer George BestDay 1Day 136th
Neil RuddockEx-footballerDay 1Day 117th
John LydonSex Pistols & Public Image Ltd frontmanDay 1Day 118th
Diane ModahlAthleteDay 1Day 109th
Mike ReadRadio DJDay 1Day 910th

Series 4 (2004)Edit

Main article: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (UK series 4)

11 contestants, 21 November – 6 December 2004:

Celebrity Famous for Entered Exited Finished
Joe PasqualeComedianDay 1Day 181st
Paul BurrellFormer butler to Diana, Princess of WalesDay 1Day 182nd
Fran CosgraveNightclub owner, ex-boyfriend of Natasha Hamilton and Jodie MarshDay 1Day 183rd
Janet Street-PorterJournalist and TV producerDay 1Day 174th
Sophie AndertonModelDay 1Day 155th
Antonio Fargas (credited as "Huggy Bear")ActorDay 1Day 146th
Sheila FergusonThe Three Degrees singerDay 1Day 137th
Vic ReevesComedianDay 5Day 128th
Nancy SorrellModel, wife of Vic ReevesDay 1Day 119th
Natalie AppletonAll Saints and Ex-Appleton singerDay 1Day 1010th
Brian HarveyEx-East 17 singerDay 2Day 711th

Series 5 (2005)Edit

Main article: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (UK series 5)

12 contestants, 20 November – 5 December 2005:

Celebrity Famous for Entered Exited Finished
Carol ThatcherJournalist and daughter of Margaret ThatcherDay 1Day 181st
Sheree MurphyActress (played Tricia Dingle in Emmerdale) and wife of Harry KewellDay 1Day 182nd
Sid OwenActor (played Ricky Butcher in EastEnders)Day 1Day 183rd
Jimmy OsmondTV presenter and singer, brother of DonnyDay 1Day 174th
Bobby BallOne half of comedy double act with Tommy CannonDay 6Day 165th
Antony CostaEx-Blue singerDay 1Day 156th
Jenny FrostEx-Atomic Kitten singerDay 1Day 147th
David DickinsonTV presenter and antiques expertDay 1Day 128th
Kimberley DaviesActress (played Annalise Hartman in Neighbours)Day 1Day 119th
Jilly GooldenFood and drink criticDay 1Day 1110th
Tommy CannonOne half of comedy double act with Bobby BallDay 6Day 1011th
Elaine LordanActress (played Lynne Hobbs in EastEnders)Day 1Day 112th

Series 6 (2006)Edit

Main article: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (UK series 6)

12 contestants, 13 November – 1 December 2006:

     Team Base Camp
     Team Snake Rock
Celebrity Famous for Entered Exited Finished
Matt Willis Ex Busted member and TV presenterDay 1Day 191st
Myleene Klass TV presenter, singer, modelDay 1Day 192nd
Jason Donovan Australian actor, singerDay 1Day 193rd
David Gest American TV producerDay 1Day 184th
Dean Gaffney Actor (played Robbie Jackson in EastEnders)Day 5Day 185th
Jan Leeming NewsreaderDay 1Day 176th
Malandra Burrows Actress (played Kathy Glover in Emmerdale)Day 6Day 167th
Phina Oruche ActressDay 1Day 158th
Lauren Booth Model, journalist, younger sister of Cherie BoothDay 1Day 149th
Faith Brown Impressionist, comedianDay 1Day 1310th
Scott Henshall Fashion model, designerDay 1Day 1211th
Toby Anstis Radio hostDay 1Day 1112th

Series 7 (2007)Edit

Main article: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (UK series 7)

11 contestants, 12–30 November 2007:

     Team Croc Creek
     Team Snake Rock
     Entered after contestants were brought together
Celebrity Famous for Entered Exited Finished
Christopher Biggins  Actor and television personalityDay 5Day 201st
Janice Dickinson Supermodel and agency ownerDay 1Day 202nd
Jason 'J' Brown Five band memberDay 1Day 203rd
Cerys Matthews Singer, best known for fronting band CatatoniaDay 1Day 194th
Gemma Atkinson Model, actress (played Lisa Hunter in Hollyoaks) Day 1Day 185th
Anna Ryder Richardson Changing Rooms presenterDay 1Day 166th
Rodney Marsh Ex-football playerDay 1Day 157th
John Burton Race Michelin-starred chef, TV personalityDay 1Day 148th
Lynne Franks Public relations guruDay 1Day 139th
Katie Hopkins Reality TV starDay 2Day 1210th
Marc Bannerman ActorDay 1Day 1111th
Malcolm McLaren Sex Pistols band managerWithdrew12th

Series 8 (2008)Edit

Main article: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (UK series 8)

Series 8: Sunday 16 November – 5 December 2008:

     Home Camp
     Away Camp
     Entered after contestants were brought together.
Celebrity Famous for Entered Exited Finished
Joe Swash Actor (played Mickey Miller in EastEnders)Day 1Day 211st
Martina Navratilova Czech-American tennis legendDay 1Day 212nd
George Takei American actor, known for roles in Star Trek, Heroes and Disney's Cory in the HouseDay 1Day 213rd
David Van Day Member of 1980s band DollarDay 5Day 204th
Simon Webbe Singer best known as a member of BlueDay 1Day 195th
Nicola McLean Glamour model and wife of footballer Tom WilliamsDay 1Day 186th
Brian Paddick Retired police officer; Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of LondonDay 1Day 177th
Esther Rantzen Television presenter, consumer rights champion, and founder of ChildLineDay 1Day 168th
Timmy Mallett Former children's TV presenterDay 5Day 159th
Carly Zucker Fitness trainer, married to West Ham and England footballer Joe ColeDay 1Day 1410th
Dani Behr Television presenter, model, singerDay 1Day 1311th
Robert Kilroy-Silk Former UKIP politicianDay 1Day 1212th

Series 9 (2009)Edit

Main article: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (UK series 9)

Series 9: 15 November – 4 December 2009

     Base Camp
     Camp Exile
     Left before camp was split
Celebrity Famous for Entered Exited Finished
Gino D'Acampo Celebrity chefDay 1Day 21 1st[12]
Kim Woodburn TV personality/expertDay 1Day 21 2nd
Jimmy White Snooker playerDay 1Day 21 3rd
Justin Ryan Interior designer and TV presenterDay 1 Day 20 4th
Stuart Manning Actor (played Russ Owen in Hollyoaks)Day 1 Day 19 5th
Sabrina Washington Singer, former member of Mis-TeeqDay 1Day 186th
George Hamilton American actor and personalityDay 1Day 177th
Joe Bugner Former world-rated heavyweight boxerDay 4Day 168th
Samantha Fox[13] Former model and singerDay 1Day 149th
Colin McAllister[14] Interior designer and TV presenterDay 1Day 1110th
Lucy Benjamin Actress (played Lisa Fowler in EastEnders)Day 1Day 1011th
Katie Price (second appearance) Model and TV personalityDay 2Day 912th
Camilla Dallerup  Former Strictly Come Dancing professional dancerDay 1Day 413th

Series 10 (2010)Edit

Main article: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (UK series 10)

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here! returned on 14 November 2010 at 9pm on ITV and ITV1 HD for its tenth series, as confirmed by presenters Ant and Dec at the end of the "Coming Out" show at the conclusion of series 9. This is the first series in HD. Series 10 is the only series to have 2 live trials.

Series 10: 14 November – 4 December 2010

     Camp Sheila
     Camp Bruce
     Entered after contestants were brought together
Celebrity Famous for Entered Exited Finished
Stacey Solomon X Factor 3rd place finalist Day 1 Day 21 1st
Shaun Ryder Member of the band, Happy Mondays Day 1 Day 21 2nd
Jenny Eclair Comedienne and novelistDay 4 Day 20 3rd
Dom Joly Comedian, journalist and star of Trigger Happy TV Day 4 Day 19 4th
Kayla Collins Playboy PlaymateDay 1 Day 19 5th
Aggro Santos RapperDay 1 Day 18 6th
Linford Christie Olympic athleteDay 1 Day 17 7th
Gillian McKeith TV nutritionist/presenter, writer Day 1 Day 16 8th
Britt Ekland Actress and former Bond girlDay 1 Day 15 9th
Alison Hammond TV presenter, former Big Brother contestantDay 6 Day 15 10th
Lembit Öpik Former MPDay 1 Day 13 11th
Sheryl Gascoigne Author and Ex-wife of Paul GascoigneDay 1Day 12 12th
Nigel Havers ActorDay 1Day 9 13th

Series 11 (2011)Edit

Main article: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (UK series 11)

The eleventh series began on 13 November 2011.[15] The official line-up was confirmed on 9 November 2011.[16]

Series 11: 13 November – 3 December 2011

     Team Snake Rock
     Team Croc Creek
     Entered after contestants were brought together
Celebrity Known for Entered Exited Finished
Dougie Poynter McFly bassist Day 1 Day 21 1st
Mark Wright The Only Way Is Essex star Day 1 Day 21 2nd
Fatima Whitbread   Former Olympic athlete Day 1 Day 20 3rd
Antony Cotton Actor (plays Sean Tully in Coronation Street) Day 1 Day 20 4th
Willie Carson Former jockey Day 1 Day 19 5th
Crissy Rock Benidorm actress and comedian Day 1 Day 18 6th
Emily Scott Model and DJ Day 5 Day 17 7th
Jessica-Jane Clement TV presenter, actress and model Day 1 Day 16 8th
Lorraine Chase Actress (played Steph Forsythe in Emmerdale) Day 1 Day 15 9th
Pat Sharp DJ, television and radio presenter Day 3 Day 14 10th
Sinitta Singer and reality-TV judge Day 3 Day 13 11th
Stefanie Powers Hart to Hart actress Day 1 Day 12 12th
Freddie Starr Comedian and impressionist Day 1 Day 3 13th

Series 12 (2012)Edit

Main article: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (UK series 12)

The twelfth series began on 11 November and ended on 1 December 2012.[17] The official line-up was revealed on 7 November 2012.

Series 12: 11 November - 1 December 2012

     Team Snake Rock
     Team Croc Creek
     Entered after contestants were brought together
Celebrity Known for Entered Exited Finished
Charlie Brooks Actress (plays Janine Butcher in EastEnders) Day 1 Day 21 1st
Ashley Roberts   Singer, former member of the Pussycat Dolls Day 1 Day 21 2nd
David Haye Boxer and former heavyweight champion Day 1 Day 20 3rd
Eric Bristow Darts player Day 1 Day 19 4th
Hugo Taylor Made in Chelsea star Day 1 Day 18 5th
Rosemary Shrager Celebrity chef Day 5 Day 17 6th
Helen Flanagan Actress (played Rosie Webster in Coronation Street) Day 1 Day 16 7th
Colin Baker Former Doctor Who star Day 1 Day 15 8th
Linda Robson Birds of a Feather actress Day 1 Day 13 9th
Limahl Singer and lead vocalist of Kajagoogoo Day 5 Day 12 10th
Nadine Dorries Conservative MP Day 1 Day 11 11th
Brian Conley Comedian, singer and actor Day 1 Day 9 12th

Series 13 (2013)Edit

Main article: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (UK series 13)

The thirteenth series began airing on ITV on 17 November 2013.[18] The first advert for the series aired on 21 October 2013.[19] The line-up was confirmed on 13 November 2013.

Series 13: 17 November 2013 – 8 December 2013

     Team Snake Rock
     Team Croc Creek
     Entered after contestants were brought together
Celebrity Known for Entered Exited Finished
Kian Egan Singer and former member of Westlife Day 1 Day 22 1st
David Emmanuel   Fashion designer Day 1 Day 22 2nd
Lucy Pargeter Emmerdale actress Day 1 Day 21 3rd
Joey Essex The Only Way Is Essex star Day 1 Day 20 4th
Amy Willerton Model, Miss Universe Great Britain 2013 Day 1 Day 22 5th
Rebecca Adlington Former Olympic Swimmer Day 1 Day 19 6th
Alfonso Ribeiro Actor (formerly playedCarlton Banks in Fresh Prince of Bel Air) Day 1 Day 19 7th
Steve Davis Former professional snooker player Day 1 Day 18 8th
Matthew Wright The Wright Stuff presenter Day 1 Day 17 9th
Vincent Simone Former Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Day 5 Day 17 10th
Laila Morse EastEnders actress Day 1 Day 16 11th
Annabel Giles Television presenter and author Day 5 Day 15 12th

Series 14(2014)Edit

Main article: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (UK Series 14)

The fourteenth series began airing on ITV on 16th November, 2014. Series 14: 16 November - 7 December 2014

     Team Croc Creek/Rescuer
     Team Celebrity Slammer
     Entered after contestants were brought together
Celebrity Known for Entered Exited Finished
Carl Fogarty retired world superbike racer Day 1 Day 23 1st
Jake Quickenden The X Factor contestant Day 5 Day 23 2nd
Melanie Sykes Television presenter and model Day 1 Day 23 3rd
Edwina Currie Former Conservative party politician and author Day 5 Day 22 4th
Tinchy Stryder Rapper Day 1 Day 21 5th
Kendra Wilkinson model and reality television star Day 1 Day 21 6th
Vicki Michelle Sitcom actress Day 1 Day 20 7th
Michael Buerk Newsreader and war journalist Day 1 Day 19 8th
Nadia Forde model, television personality and singer Day 1 Day 18 9th
Jimmy Bullard Former premier league footballer Day 1 Day 17 10th
Craig Charles Actor, comedian and presenter Day 1 plum;" text-align|center;"|Day 4 11th
Gemma Collins TOWIE star Day 1 plum;" text-align|center;"|Day 3 12th

Series records and statisticsEdit

Record Record holder Record information Series
Most voted winner Gino D'Acampo 83.42% Nine
Least voted winner Charlie Brooks 50.56% Twelve
Longest stay in camp Katie Price 22 days Three & Nine
Shortest stay in camp Elaine Lordan 1 Day Five
Most appearances Katie Price & Peter Andre Katie appeared as a camp mate in Series 3 & 9 and Peter appeared as a camp mate in series 3 and a guest in series 11. Three & Nine, Three & Eleven
Most stars won by a man John Fashanu Won 37 stars out of 49 stars. Two
Most stars won by a woman Katie Price Won 66 stars out of 100 stars. Three & Nine
Least stars won by a man Colin Baker Won 2 out of 4 stars Twelve
Least stars won by a woman Gillian McKeith Won 19 stars out of 54 stars. Won only 34.19% of stars. Ten
Most bush tucker trials Janice Dickinson 10 Trials in total. Seven
Most consecutive bush tucker trials Helen Flanagan Voted for 7 consecutive bushtucker trials. Twelve
Most refused bush tucker trials Lady Colin Campbell Refused 2 non-consecutive bushtucker trials. Fifteen

Series ratingsEdit

Series No. of shows Highest rating Lowest rating Average rating (millions)
1 15 10.95m (Show 15) 6.14m (Show 3) 7.57
2 15 12.73m (Show 15) 5.15m (Show 12) 8.55
3 17 14.99m (Show 17) 8.96m (Show 6) 11.02
4 16 11.43 7.04 8.66
5 16 12.35 7.69 9.32
6 17 10.05 6.97 7.96
7 19 8.84 5.00 7.45
8 20 10.19m (Show 14) 7.91m (Show 17) 8.77
9 19 10.86m (Day 7) 7.86m (Day 6) 9.37
10 19 13.48 6.68 10.37
11 19 11.10m (Show 1) 6.98m (Show 5) 8.64
12 19 11.51m (Show 1) 8.81m (Show 15)
13 20 13.05 9.62 11.14

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! NOW!Edit

Some attributes
First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Main article: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! NOW!

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! NOW! is a companion show, broadcast on ITV2 in the UK and on 3e in the Republic of Ireland. It features behind-the-scenes footage of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! and shows the emotional responses of the contestants after they have been voted off.

Series 1 to 4 was filmed completely live in the UK, series 5–8 were filmed mainly live in Australia with a live co-presenter in the UK. Since series 9, the show has been filmed completely live in Australia with celebrity interviews based in London, shown through webcam.


Various TV presenters have hosted the show since it began in 2002.

Series Year Main presenter Co-presenter Comedian UK co-presenter
1 2002 Louise Loughman Template:N/A rowspan=5 Template:N/A rowspan=5 Template:N/A
2 2003 Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Mark Durden-Smith
3 2004
4 2004 Mark Durden-Smith Template:N/A
5 2005 Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Matt Brown
6 2006 Kelly Osbourne Steve Wilson
Jeff Brazier
Brendon Burns Mark Durden-Smith
7 2007 Emma Willis Matt Willis rowspan=2 Template:N/A
8 2008
9 2009 Caroline Flack Joe Swash Russell Kane rowspan=5 Template:N/A
10 2010
11 2011 Laura Whitmore[20][21]
12 2012 Rob Beckett
13 2013


In the first series, the show was presented by Irish TV presenter, Louise Loughman. In series 2–3, the show was presented by Mark Durden-Smith and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. In series 4, Palmer-Tomkinson was absent and Durden-Smith was the only host. For the fifth series, Palmer-Tomkinson returned to present the show. However, Durden-Smith did not, as he decided to spend time with his children instead. He was replaced by Matt Brown. Palmer-Tomkinson did not return for series 6.

In series 6, Brendon Burns initially presented the show, but left after three episodes. This led to Durden-Smith returning for the rest of the series, where he presented from the UK. He was joined by new presenters Kelly Osbourne and Jeff Brazier (briefly Steve Wilson before Brazier took over), who presented from the jungle in Australia.[22] Also this series, a 5pm teatime programme, I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Exclusive, ran each weekday on ITV1. It was co-hosted by series 5 runner-up Sheree Murphy and Phillip Schofield in 2006. It did not return for a second series.

For series 7–8, Matt Willis and his wife Emma took over from the previous hosts, Kelly Osbourne and Jeff Brazier, in Australia. Due to the couple having a child in early 2009, they did not return to present series 9. Durden-Smith also presented the show, from the UK, for the final time.

Series 9 to 10 saw new presenter, Caroline Flack, take over with roving reporter Joe Swash, email/people reporter Russell Kane, and a panel of celebrity pundits, which changed approximately every three to five days. For series 11, Flack left in order to present another ITV2 show, The Xtra Factor. She was replaced by Laura Whitmore. Swash and Kane both stayed on for the eleventh series.

On 16 June 2012, it was announced that Kane would not return to Get Me Out of Here! NOW!.[23] He has been replaced by upcoming comic Rob Beckett.[24]


Series 3
Get Me Out of Here! NOW! Tuffer's Reveals All, 25 January 2004 8pm ITV2
I'm a Celebrity...Coming Out, 3 part series, 10–12 February 2004 10:30pm ITV2
Series 4
I'm a Celebrity...Top Ten Tiffs, Tears & Tantrums, 60-minute special, 16 November 2004 ITV2
I'm a Celebrity...Top Ten Trials, 60-minute special, 17 November 2004 ITV2
I'm a Celebrity...Top Ten Funny Moments, 60-minute special, 18 November 2004 ITV2
Get Me Out of Here! I'm Tuffers, 60-minute special, 19 November 2004 ITV2
Get Me Out of Here! I'm an Aussie, week long series, 6–10 December 2004 10:30pm ITV2
I'm a Celebrity...Coming Out, 90-minute special, 8 December 2004 9pm ITV
Series 5
Get Me Out of Here Now! Burrell Goes Back, November 2005 ITV2
I'm a Celebrity...Coming Out, 90-minute special, 7 December 2005 9pm ITV
Series 6
Get Me Out of Here Now! Thatch Goes Back, 12 November 2006 6:05pm ITV2
I'm a Celebrity...Coming out, 90-minute special, 3 December 2006 9pm ITV
Series 7
I'm a Celebrity...Coming Out, 90-minute special, 4 December 2007 9pm ITV
Series 8
Get Me Out of Here Now! Biggins Goes Back, 14 November 2008 9pm ITV2
I'm a Celebrity...Coming Out, 90-minute special, 7 December 2008 9pm ITV
I'm a Celebrity...Coming Home, 60-minute special, 21 December 2008, 7pm ITV2
Series 9
I'm a Celebrity...Coming Out, 60-minute special, 7 December 2009 9pm ITV
I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Unforgettable Trials, 8 December 2009 9pm ITV2
I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Jungle Gems, 9 December 2009 9pm ITV2
I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Jungle Kings and Queens, 10 December 2009 9pm ITV2
Series 10
I'm a Celebrity...Coming Out, 60-minute special, 6 December 2010 9pm ITV
I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Bushtucker Best Bits, 7 December 2010 6:30pm ITV2
I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Jungle Juicy Bits, 8 December 2010 7pm ITV2
I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Jungle Royals, 9 December 2010 7pm ITV2
Series 11
I'm a Celebrity...Coming Out, 60-minute special, 5 December 2011 9pm ITV
I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Bushtucker Best Bits, 6 December 2011 9pm ITV2
I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Jungle Gold, 7 December 2011 9pm ITV2
Series 12
I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Top Trials, 2 December 2012 5:45pm ITV2
I'm a Celebrity...Coming Out, 60-minute special, 5 December 2012 8pm ITV
I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Golden Moments, 7 December 2012 7pm ITV2
I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Hall of Fame, 7 December 2012 8pm ITV2


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