Jimmy Bullard is a former premier league footballer and was a contestant on the fourteenth season of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! UK, entering the camp on Day 1 and finishing in 10th place on 1st December,2014.


Jimmy was born in East-ham London on 23rd October, 1978. Jimmy began his footballing career while in primary school, representing both the Bexley Primary Schools FA and Kent Schools FA and then went on to represent North Kent schools FA while attending Erith School. Overall he started his professional career in Corinthian, where he made 26 appearances during the 1997-98 period.

In the 2000-1 period Jimmy got a transfer into the West Ham United FC, but later underwent a three-week trial, joining Peterborough. Soon after this Jimmy established himself within the Wigan first team, during the period of 2002-03. After this Jimmy joined a variety of different foot-ball clubs, including both Fullham and Hull City, before retiring during the year 2012. In 2014, Jimmy joined the fourteenth season of I'm a Celebrity UK, where he was a contestant, finishing in 10th Place on December 1st,2014.

Bush-Tucker Trials

Trial Name Description Stars earnt
Tunnel of Terror Submerge into an underwater tunnel and search for stars. 4
Terror Tavern stomach 10 gross meals in order to win stars, alongside your partner. 10
The Critter Cube (Misery Match) Tackle a bonus round in the critter-cube to earn drinks for camp. 1
Shed of Dread Spend the night in a shed full of critters, looking for stars. 10
Vile Vineyard Sample disgusting jungle drinks in order to win stars 10