Joel Dommett was a contestant in Series 16. He placed 2nd in Series 16.

Trials Edit

Stranded Edit

Joel and Adam were on duty in "Stranded" where they were locked in a cabin with a window facing Jordan and Wayne. Joel and Adam's job was to receive incoming Morse Code from Jordan and Wayne and decode the message, and type it in and send it back to camp. They earned 4 out of 10 stars.

Rancid Retreat Edit

Scarlett, Larry, Martin, Sam, Joel and Lisa all lost the spa treat, and were forced to sit in a hot tub which slowly filled with jungle mess, including critters and sludge. The team won 5 out of a possible 6 stars.

Wicked Windmill Edit

Joel and Sam were strapped above each other in a windmill. They were spun around, and had to find labeled stars in order out of 40. The two scored 3 out of 8.

Celebrity Cyclone Edit

Joel took place in Celebrity Cyclone. Joel went last, and managed to save the team. They scored four out of four.

Bushtucker Bonzana Edit

Joel took place in his final trial, an eating trial. He scored four out four.

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