Series One (2009)
Name Entry Exit      
Karl Petter Bergvall Day 1  Day 16   
Jannike Björling Day 1  Day 16   
Mikkey Dee Day 1  Day 15   
Inger Nilsson Day 1  Day 14   
Kennet Andersson Day 1  Day 13   
Ann Söderlund Day 1  Day 12   
Thorleif Torstensson Day 1  Day 11   
Rafael Edholm Day 1  Day 10   
Catarina Hurtig Day 1  Day 9   
Katarina Hultling Day 1  Day 8   
Bengt Frithiofsson Day 1  Day 5 Template:Ref   

Kändisdjungeln (English: The Celebrity Jungle) was the first season of the Swedish version of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!. It started airing on 11 September 2009 for 16 episodes. The show's hosts are David Hellenius and Tilde de Paula. The celebrities were sent to the Malaysian jungle for the show's run. Sweden is the first Scandinavian country to broadcast an own version of the format.

The contestants of season 1 are:

Celebrity Age Famous for
Mikkey Dee 45 Motörhead Drummer
Bengt Frithiofsson 70 Wine Expert
Inger Nilsson 50 Actress
Ann Söderlund 37 Presenter and Journalist
Catarina Hurtig 35 Royal Correspondent
Rafael Edholm 43 Actor
Kennet Andersson 41 Footballer
Jannike Björling 42 Former Model, ex-girlfriend of Björn Borg
Thorleif Torstensson 60 Singer
Katarina Hultling 54 Sports Reporter
Karl Petter Bergvall 26 Farmer, Reality TV Star


Template:Refbegin Template:Note Camp leader Bengt was forced to quit on medical advice. Template:Refend

Bushtucker Trials

The contestants take part in daily trials to earn food

     The public voted for who they wanted to face the trial
     The contestants decided who did which trial
     The trial was compulsory and no-one decided who took part
Trial Number Date Name of Trial Celebrity Taking Part Number of Stars
1 11 September 2009 Fill Your Face Bengt Template:Rating
2 12 September 2009 Buried Alive Jannike Template:Rating
3 13 September 2009 Jungle Feast Catarina Template:Rating
4 14 September 2009 Wheel of Misfortune Thorleif Template:Rating
6 16 September 2009 Scareoke Catarina Template:Rating
7 17 September 2009 Jungle Bar Rafael Template:Rating
8 18 September 2009 Torture Tank Jannike Template:Rating
9 19 September 2009 The Cage Kennet Template:Rating
10 20 September 2009 Hell Holes Ann Template:Rating
11 21 September 2009 Bridge of Doom Kennet Template:Rating
12 22 September 2009 Jungle Feast 2 Mikkey
13 23 September 2009 Reptile Pit Karl Petter Template:Rating
14 24 September 2009 Bobbing for Stars Mikkey Template:Rating
15 25 September 2009 Chamber of Horrors Jannike Template:Rating
16 26 September 2009 Jungle Spa Jannike
Karl Petter

Total number of Bushtucker Trials done by each participant to date:

Jannike Mikkey Karl Petter Catarina Kennet Bengt Thorleif Rafael Ann Inger Katarina
4 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 0

Results and Elimination

     Indicates the winner celebrity
     Indicates the runner-up celebrity
     Indicates that the celebrity was safe from elimination
     Indicates that the celebrity was eliminated
     Indicates that the celebrity was in the bottom 2 or 3 in the public vote
     Indicates that the celebrity withdrew from the competition
Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 Day 15 Day 16
The Final
Karl Petter Bergvall Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 2 Winner
(Day 16)
Jannike Björling Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 2 Safe Bottom 2 Safe Runner-up
(Day 16)
Mikkey Dee Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Eliminated
(Day 15)
Inger Nilsson Safe Safe Bottom 2 Safe Safe Bottom 2 Eliminated
(Day 14)
Kennet Andersson Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Eliminated
(Day 13)
Ann Söderlund Bottom 2 Bottom 2 Safe Bottom 2 Eliminated
(Day 12)
Thorleif Torstensson Safe Safe Safe Eliminated
(Day 11)
Rafael Edholm Safe Safe Eliminated
(Day 10)
Catarina Hurtig Safe Eliminated
(Day 9)
Katarina Hultling Eliminated
(Day 8)
Bengt Frithiofsson Withdrew
(Day 5)

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