Kendra Wilkinson is an American playboy model and television personality who was a contestant on I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here UK's fourteenth season, where she entered on Day 1. On December 5th, she came out in 6th place.


Kendra was born in San-Diego, California in June 12th of the year 1985. During the year 2004; Kendra met Hugh Heffner, while attending his 78th birthday party, where she was hired to be one of Hugh's "Painted Girls". Initially Hugh had seen Kendra on a photo taken by Kim Riley and wanted to know who she was. Hugh then consequently asked her to be one of his girl-friends, moving her into the Playboy mansion.

Later Kendra featured in the E! reality television series, known as Girl Next Door, which followed Heffner's girlfriends. Years later in 2014, Kendra participated in the fourteenth season of I'm a Celebrity UK, where she lasted 21 Days, finishing in 6th place on 5th December, 2014.

Bush-Tucker Trials

Trial Name Description Stars earnt
Terror Tavern stomach 10 gross meals in order to win stars, alongside your partner. 10
Cockroach Stalker Get strapped into the cockroach shaker and trying to find 10 stars in blue-boxes, while being turned upside down and having cockroaches fall on top of her. 1
Catacombs of Doom Crawl through critter-infested tunnels looking for stars. 2
Grim Gallery Poke your head through paintings and try to unscrew stars, while trying avoid the critters inside. 1
Little House On the Scary Search for stars in a critter-infested house, as it's raised off the ground and suspended in mid-air. 10
Pipes of Peril One campmate must answer questions, to allow their partner to crawl into the critter-infested Pipes of Peril and use 20 seconds to grab stars. 6
Critter Conveyor try to grab pieces of a star puzzle off of a conveyor belt, in order to complete the puzzle, while encased in a cube full of critters, to earn stars. 6