Vicky Pattison is a British Geordie Shore TV personality and actress who participate in the fifteenth season of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! UK, where she entered the jungle as a late entry on Day 3 (18th November,2015). She came out the winner on December 6th,2015


Vicky was born on 16th November, 1987 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, where she was raised. All Vicky knew was that she wanted to be famous, enjoying both Drama and English at school. Vicky took up jobs which would include working on the doors of some of Newcastle's nightclubs, as well as in telesales.

During the year 2011, Vicky made her first appearance in the reality television show; Geordie Shore, where she appeared on the show till the year 2014. After her rise to fame within the show, Vicky featured on a variety of different magazine, such as Nuts, alongside her fellow co-star; Holly Hagan. During Geordie Shore's second season Vicky got into an on/off relationship with new entry; Ricci Guarnaccio. During the filming of the third season, Vicky got proposed to by Ricci. However during the fifth season, Vicky called off the engagement, with Ricci consequently leaving the show and Vicky announcing her departure at the end of the ninth season.

During the years 2014 and 2015, Vicky ventured into other reality television shows, such as Ex on the Beach, where she appeared for two years, as well as making guest appearance on Big Brother's Bit on the Side, This Morning and a variety of other shows. In June of 2015, Vicky began to star in her own MTV show; Judge Geordie, then releasing her autobiography in August 2014, releasing an updated version in March 2016. After this she signed a deal to write two more novels, one of which was released in July 2015 and the other in October 2015. Vicky later appeared as a late entry in the fifteenth season of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! UK, entering on Day 3 and then managing to finish in 1st Place on December 6th,2015.

Bush-Tucker Trials

Trial Name Description Stars earnt
Dicing with Danger Play a jungle board game, while having your arms and head contained in glass-boxes, with each contestant taking turns rolling a dice, and what they land on determines what is placed in their box. 0
Cocktails and Scream sample gross jungle drinks to earn stars for your team, if they can't drink the drink, one of their team-mates will be dunked. 7
Horri-flying Circus One contestant faces an obstacle course, blindfolded and has to throw stars back to their partner, who's dressed as a clown. 6
Steps to Hell three campmates go head-head, standing at the end of three different tunnels, having to crawl all the way to the end and make use of only their tongue to release the star and then head back and put it on the Perspex ledge. This process will be repeated until one camper wins. 0
Badvent Calendar Climb across a giant advent calendar and open up the doors, looking for stars. 9
Twisted Tombola Get strapped into a giant tumbling tombola, facing your fellow campmate and find the corresponding ball to the questions that are asked by Ant and Dec, as the tombola spins. 5
Celebrity Cyclone Star relay with 4 other campmates. 5
Surf and Turf collect a coloured key and crawl through three critter-filled tanks in order to unlock one of four small boxes that correspond to the colour of the key, in order to earn stars. 4